Do you worry the box will be damaged during transportation? after investigation, we found this is the most concerned issue by most customers.

in order to avoid this problem, our company do the following 4 steps
1, all products have a aging test and full double check before packaging 
2, a blister packaging outside of each box
3, a Woven bag outside of each carton
4, Wrap it again in tape


Dropshipping way-Help our clients dirently send the goods to their end-customers


1,we will package a small carton again to protect inside device during shipping, you can bundle cosmetics sell together,  for device, we can ship to your end-customers via epacket, it will take 7-15 days to your end-customers, for device&cosmetics, we can ship to your end-customers via Dutch parcel or Korean parcel. it will take 10-17 days to your end-customers

2, we have several clients who are cooperating with us in this way, we clearly know what do you need and how can service you.

3, for several products, we have stable stock and guaranteed quality, so it is suitable for supporting you in dropshipping way, Generally speaking, from your order to deliver, it will take 2-4 days,  we sold these device for several years already, we are very familar with them.

4, cooperated with us, you can put your heart in your stomach, we will consider all the things for you, for each client, we will make a excel to record all his requirements, if you missed any useful information, you can ask me for it.


5, we can freely provide the products' pictures to help you advertise online if you need